Ioana Andrei

Ioana is a professional writer with bylines in TechRadar,, Newsbreak, and The Startup. A former management consultant, trained actor, and playwright, she approaches complex topics with creativity and analytical insight. She writes extensively for businesses, media platforms, and for the stage.


Ioana is a British-Romanian citizen living in the UK. She graduated from King's College London with a BSc Business Management in 2015 and worked in management consulting for 4 years. She's also a passionate entrepreneur, co-founding several social enterprises between 2014 and 2019.Between 2016-2017, Ioana trained as an actor at Fontainebleau School of Acting in France. In 2018, she devised and performed in an ensemble project at the Royal Court Theatre, and co-wrote and performed in a Reel Challenge short film that won the BFI Special Mention.Ioana wrote her first stage play during the prestigious Soho Theatre Writers Lab (2021 cohort) which accepts only 4% of applicants. In 2022, she began working on her second play with the Criterion Theatre New Writing programme, in the West End.In 2021, using her work experience in business strategy and technology, Ioana established herself as a specialist content writer. She has written hundreds of articles spanning B2B subjects like marketing, HR, and software solutions, and consumer topics such as dating and wellbeing.Ioana has had excellent working relationships with global corporate, start-up, and non-profit organisations including Dell, SAP, Oracle, Connecteam, Future, and the Association for Laboratory Medicine.

Work samples

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Lifestyle blogs
Connecteam - What is Gender Equality? - When To Start Dating Again After a Breakup - 10 Worst Mistakes People Make on Dating Apps
Newsbreak - The Books That Brightened My 2020
Newsbreak - 7 Things to Do Outdoors in New York in Spring 2021
Personal & social essays
Thrive Global - I Am Sabotaging My Wellbeing to Care for Others
P.S. I Love You - I Am a Radical Feminist
P.S. I Love You - A Cancelled Lockdown Date Taught Me to Revalue My Time
The Ascent - White Privilege Makes It Easy to Be Silent
An Injustice! - Not Too Short: Hair Cuts, Clothing, and the Body Missing an Owner
An Injustice! - Start-up Culture Is Complicit in Spreading Hate
Newsbreak - If You Think Free Speech is Dying, Take Notes from Romanian Politics
Short-form fiction
She Belonged to the Sea
An Ode to a Love Lost
I Am Beautiful
Edge of Myself
My Leaves Dance Gently
Other achievementsPlaywriting training
Kiln Theatre Artist Development (2020)
Soho Theatre Writers Lab (2021)
Criterion Theatre New Writing (2022)
Devising & performing
Royal Court Theatre - “ReAct: Poet in Da Corner” ensemble project (2018)
The Reel Challenge - BFI Special Mention for “The Morning After” short film (2018)
Skratch'd @ The Vaults - “Under the Radar” spoken word performance (2022)
Entrepreneurship awards and working groups
McKinsey&Co - Venture Academy Audience Award (2014)
Enactus UK - Business Engagement Award (2014)
Toastmasters - Competent Communicator (2016)
Kings College London - King’s Women Entrepreneurs (2019)

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